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Always wanted to fly a plane? Experience what it is like to be a Captain for the day as you take to the sky from the cockpit of your very own plane in our ultra-realistic flight simulators.

Whether you are a professional pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or just curious to find out what the thrill of flight is all about – we’ve got something for you! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of aviation at Blue Angels Flight Experience with our cutting-edge flight simulators.

You can learn the basics of flight and experiment with aircraft controls or even practice flying in a variety of high-risk scenarios, all from the safety of the ground. We offer three different levels of flight simulators – basic, intermediate and advanced – take your pick and get ready to fly.

Enjoy the rush of exploring the world in vivid detail with our basic flight simulator. This sim offers you the freedom to fully customize your experience and fly to and from almost any airport around the globe!

Take the controls from the Captain’s seat and get ready to take-off in our fully enclosed flight deck simulator, which boasts real flight controls and instruments from actual planes. Take your flight training to the next level with this FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device!

Located right in Nassau Bahamas, our flight simulators provide a cost-effective and safe way to learn the basics of aviation or to sharpen your existing skills.


Our high-tech flight simulators use cutting-edge technology to deliver an ultra-realistic feel.


No prior aviation experience required, get ready to take to the sky and enjoy the thrill of flight!



Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) are the safest way to learn a variety of maneuvers and procedures. Flight simulators are an excellent tool to improve training and efficiency, while avoiding potential accidents or maneuvering errors during flight emergency scenarios. Flight training is considered both an opportunity and a risk – using flight simulators instead allows for real life feel while enhancing your skills without the risk.


Flight Simulator training is not only safer, but it is also much more affordable. Most pilot training is done abroad and can be quite expensive. With our simulator training you can see if aviation is right for you without having to leave The Bahamas or invest a large amount of money upfront. This makes simulators an excellent option for both those who are interested in learning to become a pilot or those wanting to expand and sharpen their skill set. Flight Simulators are not only cost-effective, but they are also environmentally friendly. When you factor in the cost of the airplane rental, fuel and the instructor fees, it’s clear why many people choose to learn and train using flight simulators.


Flight simulators can recreate almost any scenario, IMC conditions, or type of terrain, which allow you to practice and learn how to master necessary techniques in a large range of real life situations. Flight sims also offer a realistic and effective training tool that enable you to troubleshoot and practice diagnostic process in a safe environment. They can be beneficial for both basic and advanced skills training for a variety of types of aircraft and ratings. FSTDs also help you to stay proficient and allow for pilots to enhance both VFR and IFR navigation skills.
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